Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Back from vacation
I’m back from our vacation to China. What an amazing trip! There are definitely some thoughts I want to share about our experience there, but first…

Barack Obama MUST Deliver
Obama secured the Democratic nomination for president tonight. I’m watching his speech as I write.

To be sure, this was a hard fought race with Hillary Clinton, but now that the nomination is his… he must start an aggressive and continual campaign to stake out his positions on the key issues and mark clear differences with McCain. June 3 is “go time.”

As I watch his comments, I’m hopeful that he will do this as he talks about the need to exit Iraq, change energy policy, create jobs not outsource them, address healthcare in a meaningful ways, fix schools and invest in our people rather than cutting the programs that cut the heart out of the American dream.

As the crowd breaks into chants of “Yes we can,” he has the smarts to let his audience know that it won’t be that easy…that Republicans will bring the full load of ammo against him. And, he says Americans do not deserve another campaign of fear, using religion as a wedge and patriotism as a bludgeon.

But, you can bet your entire life savings that the Republicans will try to portray him as a communist, fascist, God hating, slime ball, hypocrite, liar, fake, light weight, terrorist loving liberal. They will do this. A lot. Count on it.

Therefore, Barack Obama MUST deliver on his rhetoric on a night of primary victory in a real and resounding victory in November. He has an opportunity now to define himself, introduce himself again, appeal to all Americans and state his case for office. And for those reasons, he must deliver daily between now and the election in November.

“This is our moment, this our time” to turn the page on the policies of the past…to bring new energy and a new direction for this country that we love, said Obama. He has to deliver on this in his campaign with real, compelling and inspiring ideas.

Why? Well, I think the entire nation’s future as we know it rides on the choice of more of the same vs. real change that will help us all.

I am hopeful, but will only will crack a smile when Obama is taking the oath of office in January. While governing brings a whole other host of hopes, fears and challenges, for now I’ll stick to just getting Obama in the Oval Office.

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