Friday, May 8, 2009

Know Your History Series

Most people - myself included - often view, judge and form opinions about news and events within the context of the present.

However, most things in this world tend not to happen "out of the blue," but rather either have a historical element that explains what is happening now or by delving into the history of whatever the subject is you can better understand present news.

With this in mind, I've written a number of "Know Your History" essays in which I attempt to add some perspective or context to what's happening today. Sure, it's my perspective, but at the same time I go out of my way to be factual.

Below are the entries in this series and you can read each one by simply clicking on the headline.



Know Your History: Labor Day

Know Your History: Outrage At Key Times of Change

Know Your History: Iran

Know Your History: Why the Tiananmen Square Crackdown Is Still Relevant Today

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