Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Know Your History: Outrage at All Key Times of Change

Almost always, it pays to know your history when trying to judge what's happening in the present. And so it is today.

Think things are getting a little crazy up in here over the current healthcare debate?

Well, if you know your American history you'd know that this ain't the first time. Nope. The truth is, any time there is big change on the agenda in America, the extremists and paranoids come out to play...often spurred on by monied interests wishing to continue their spectacularly good thing and playing to the fears and prejudices of everyday people. It's happened over and over in our history.

Authentic, organic if confused outrage by a sector of the citizenry? Sure thing. Manipulation of hysteria by those who know better? Also true. Both true, both against change...untied in "stopping" something they commonly seen as an "assault" on American values or way of life.

But don't take my word for it. For a good overview of this uniquely American historical record, check out an article from Sunday's Washington Post by clicking here.

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