Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Glasvegas Issue Single - You Should Listen

One of my fave new bands, Glasvegas, has come out with their first widely available single.

The song is called Geraldine, and I suggest you check it out. Their music is part rock, part do-wop, part Jesus & Mary Chain, part Phil Spector wall-of-sound...but it the case of Geraldine it adds up to a unique and passionate song, especially compared to what else is out there. Meanwhile, the lyrics take you in a different direction. As in, when was the last time you heard such a good song about a social worker?

The single is available at US and UK iTunes. Just search for "Glasvegas." It's also on Amazon as an MP3 download.

Also, some of this band's demos and previous singles (UK only and hard to get) can be found on this cool blog. Just scroll down until you find the write up on the band and a link to download Home Tapes by Glasvegas. Word is that the band will put out a full album later this year. I'll be buying.

Anyway, it's great to see in this day and age of mass produced, pre-thought-0ut pop/rock and hip-hop that at least someone out there is coming up with something fresh and compelling.

NOTE: The picture in this post was NOT taken by me.


Charles said...

Sounds like you will have to share this music with me.

Marc said...

Indeed, let me see what I can do.