Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Desperation is Showing

OK, now this whole thing with McCain saying he is "suspending" his campaign to be in DC to participate in the bailout talks (and by the way lets cancel the first debate) is starting to make some sense.

Late today it comes out that McCain wants to postpone (forever presumably) the one VP debate to replace it with the one he will be missing on Friday. 

Story here.

Is this "country first?" 


It's "holy cap Palin could really damage us in the one debate, lets try and get rid of it." And they're using the current crisis to do it.

You can just see the McCain camp's desperation unfold today....
  • Get caught off guard by Obama's call early in the day proposing a joint statement on the financial crisis
  • After a few hours thinking about it, by mid-day they try and "country first" Obama by saying McCain will be in DC "dealing" with the crisis and not at the debate
  • Late in the day they realize they can use the crisis to eliminate a possible train wreck of Palin in the VP debate.

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