Saturday, September 13, 2008

McCain Lies A Lot, Acknowleges It, Doesn't Care

John McCain and Sara Palin lie.  A lot.

And, according to their own campaign spokesperson...they know it and don't care.

See here.


Daryn said...

You're right, it is absolutely shameless. I have a feeling that deep down inside McCain's heart he recalls how it felt to be on the receiving end of this kind of crap from Bush in the 2000 primary campaign. But obviously, the ambition to win the White House has extinguished his sense of honor and decency. Maybe he'll do a public mea culpa on November 5, but he has clearly made the decision to try to win this thing the same way that Republicans have won the last two elections: in the gutter.

Marc said...

Hey Daryn, thanks for the comment.

I couldn't agree more with your thoughts...sold his soul.

You may have said this already, but seems to me the tide is turning just a little here this week with his "the fundamentals of our economy are strong" comment just as the bottom falls out of the financial markets.

We'll see.


Daryn said...

Yeah, the collapse of the financial markets could definitely become a wild card to shake up the race.

You know what I don't understand about the events of this week? The U.S. government has just federalized the largest insurance company in the world (AIG) and yet every major Republican leader I have heard speak in the last two days -- including both McCain and Palin -- have said things like "aw, it's too bad" and "gee, the feds did what they had to do" and the like.

WHAT? Are you kidding me? The Bush Administration has just federalized an enormous U.S. company and these people who trot out ads about Obama's platform calling for too much government involvement in the economy are suddenly OK with socialism?

Don't get me wrong, I totally understand the Fed's move and have no problem with it -- but I'm not a conservative Republican who throws a fit at the sight of a new government program designed to help people in need. Come on, if you are a true conservative and not some phony baloney politician running for office, you have got to be absolutely outraged that your government has just acquired an 80% stake in the #1 company in one of our largest private industries. Again, I'm fine with it, but how can these people have any credibility whatsoever as "conservatives" if they just shake their heads and nod when a Republican presidential administration takes the most socialist action into the U.S. economy since The New Deal?

It reminds me of something a professor of mine said when he saw his neighbors standing in line for FEMA help after an L.A. earthquake -- conservatives hate big government, until they need it.

Marc said...

Too true, too true.

The hypocrisy coming out of the GOP is thick given this week's events.

The champions of deregulation now call for regulation and cracking down on Wall Street - a classic example of what you and your professor are talking about.

Meanwhile, McCain says the fundamentals of our economy are sound just as it's falling apart - and don't forget unemployment is at 6.1% right now too.

To me the economic problems we are facing today are predicable outcomes of the prevailing governing philosophy over the last 28 years - supply side, trickle down, government is bad and cannot help.

I think that what motivates these GOP types is in fact not "country first," but a "profits first" mentality that makes them say or do anything - including hypocritical things - to ensure that their rich buddies and donors keep rolling in the dough.