Friday, September 19, 2008

McMain: Bad Judgement on Social Security and Regulation

OK, here's one for you...

You know how the stock market has been in freefall this week?

What if Bush, McCain and other like-minded Republicans had been successful in privatizing Social Security back in 2005 and 2006 - moving assets of the program into the stock market as they wanted to do?

How many people across America would have seen their means of living evaporate in one week with no certainty it will be made back?

Luckily a more realistic coalition of Democrates and level headed Republicans prevented that from happening.

Here's another one for you...

What's the one thing that's turning things around starting today with the big market rally? Yes, governent regulation. And which of the two Presidential candidates is a lifelong proponent of extensive de-regulation of markets (including financial markets) that set the table for this big problem? Yes, John McCain.

Both of these situations are more clear examples of bad judgement by McCain - bad judgement that we can avoid by not voting for him in 2008.

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