Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Obama Needs to Act Now - Or Lose

Somebody needs to get to Obama, look him in the eye and tell him...

The election will be won or lost RIGHT NOW - in the next two weeks. Not Nov. 4.

The Republican convention effectively wiped out Obama's voice in this election and re-directed the discourse from a referendum on failed leadership of McCain, Bush and the Republicans and the need for fundamental change to "isn't Sara Palin great and you know...John McCain was a POW."

Seriously, Obama should have a "change policy of the week" for the next six weeks and harp on those sequentially in key states where it's close right now and in the media...culminating in the first debate where he can re-harp on these ideas and challenge McCain for having none. During the next few weeks, he should also have Biden, Clinton (both of them), Howard Dean and other prominent Democrats go aggressively negative on McCain/Palin's record.

That needs to happen now or the race will slip away. We've seen this movie before. Without direct, timely and aggressive action, at best this race will end up being a nail biter on election day. And we all know what happens when there is a nail biter of an election.

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