Saturday, November 22, 2008

3 Songs You Should Check Out

Part of the allure and fun of music is uncovering high quality but undiscovered or seldom heard songs. With this in mind, here are three singles that I discovered recently that you may want to check out:
"These Days" by At the Lake
This is a sort of a cross between Coldplay, early Radiohead, Arcade Fire, Glasvegas and Doves. 

You can hear These Days here. Just hit the little "play" arrow button. But, I've not been able to find this on iTues or anywhere else for download. The download function at this link does not seem to work for me. But, a good song worth giving a listen to. (Side note: the download function aside, the Strummerville site is a great place to hear sounds of up an coming rock, folk, electronic and other types of groups.)

At the Lake are a UK-based group that has been around for a couple/few years. I am not sure if they still exist, however. They have a Web site and you can get a couple of their songs (although not These Days) for free there. You can also get a couple more for a fee at iTunes. But, their site does not look like it's been updated for a couple who knows. 

"Turn it Up" by Man Raze
This is a rock blast that will get you moving. The song itself is an ode the power and emotion of a loud fast rock song. If you're a runner, the song is like a nitro boost to speed you along. So, put it on your iPod and hit play when you need that extra juice to release some endorphins and get your run on the fast track.

The band is a London based unit made up of former Sex Pistol drummer Paul Cook, former Def Leopard guitarist Phil Collin (no, not Phil Collins...Phil Collin) and some other dude I have not heard of on bass. Their song and album is available on iTunes.

"Wanterlust King" by Gogol Bordello 
I'd heard of Gogol Bordello and even heard snippets of their music, but it was only until I saw the movie Filth & Wisdom that I really came to appreciate this band and, especially, their lead singer. Wanderlust King is a cross between gypsy music and rock and features prominently in the movie. Wanderlust King has a catchy tune, impassioned lyrics and delivery and an unusual Eastern European cabaret crossed with punk rock aesthetic you don't get anywhere else. 

The song and others by Gogol Bordello are on iTunes.

Check these three out and let me know what you think.

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