Friday, November 7, 2008

Something to remember as Obama takes office

A quick check in to say...

Lets all remember that as he takes office and navigates year one of his administration, Barack Obama inherited the massive financial markets and economic disaster we're in. He did not create it. No, the conservative agenda of deregulation, trickle down economics, an unnecessary and expensive war, and pandering to big business ushered in under Republican control of Congress and coupled with incompetent leadership from Bush and his cronies created this mess.

Why is this important to remember? Because you can bet anything you want that come Jan. 21, 2009 Republicans will wash their hands of all that they have created and instantly blame Obama and the Democrats for the economic and foreign crisis our country is in. None of this will be true of course, but they'll do it. And the media will cover it. (Congressional elections are now less than 24 months away you know.) Therefore, it's important to remember the sequence of events.

Now, if we're sitting here in January 2010 and nothing has changed or things have gotten worse, then I think we start looking at whether or not Obama's and Congressional fixes are starting to work or not. If they aren't, I'll be disapointed in them...but not until then.

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