Wednesday, December 3, 2008

African Animals Are On the Way

I've been using a digital SLR camera for the past couple years (Nikon D70), and I am a convert to the quality and ease of use of digital pictures. I have posted many of these pictures here on the blog and, more so, on my Flickr photostream - located here.

However, prior to 2006 I used my Nikon film SLR camera, leaving me with great prints but no quality digital versions. This has meant no easy way to share, publish or even create photo books or big prints from our trips to places like India, Spain, Africa, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands and other lands.

Until now that is.

This past weekend, for my birthday, my wife bought me a high resolutions scanner capable of scanning photo negatives.

So, I'm now in the process scanning in my negatives to share them and create some new prints. First up, our trip to Africa. Should be fun.

Click here for a teaser picture - one I took of a charging elephant while in Tanzania.

I'll try and have more up on the Photostream before the holiday break at the end of this month.