Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Billy Mays - Sales Genius or Overexposed Blowhard?

The last dispatch of 2008 is on the weighty matter of...

Is Billy Mays a sales genius or an annoying, overexposed a-hole?

If you've watched any TV recently, you've no doubt noticed the proliferation of advertisements featuring what appears to be a pitch man for all products. I am no big TV watcher, but I can't help but notice how often he's on commercials these days. 

You know they guy I'm talking about. He's the white guy with the dark hair and beard with a REALLY loud and annoying voice. Sure, you used to see him every now and again as you flash past the 30 min. infomercials so often on TV at odd hours or over the weekend.

But now...He. Is. Everywhere.

Billy Mays is blowin' up all over the place. He can be seen 24/7 pitching everything from ESPN, hamburger grilling equipment, light switches, stain removers and much more. I personally don't want to try or buy products he's selling because he is associated with them.

Where did this guy come from? Why is he now all of a sudden the pitchman for a prolific proliferation of products?

Why do companies think he's a good pitch man? And, most importantly...why is he YELLING all the time? Is it simply a matter of the attention he can potentially grab by the sheer volume and hyper annoying pitch of his voice?

I suspect that's it. But my alternative explanation is that Billy Mays is an alien sent to this planet to slowly drive us insane. So far he is on track.

What's your opinion?

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