Wednesday, August 12, 2009

SI Cover Jinks - Real or Imagined?

OK, so now for a break from the serious topic of my last couple posts.

I want to move on to something just about as important. Yes, college football. It's only three weeks away!

My Alma Mater, the University of Oregon, is on the cover of Sports Illustrated this week for their college football preview issue with some statement like, "Oregon has enough firepower to shake up the BSC."

But rather than get into the UO vs. other teams kinda thing, I wonder what people think about the supposed SI cover "jinks" in which all too often athletes or teams appearing on the cover go on to have poor performances or seasons.

Will this happen to the Ducks? How about the teams gracing the cover for the other regions of the nation (Penn St., Old Miss and Oklahoma St.)? Is the SI jinks real or should I ignore it?

Oh, and in case you're prediction for the Ducks is 9-3. We'll lose one of our non-conference games, one of USC or Cal, and then one just out of the blue that they really should win. That's probably not BCS bowl territory, but it would be a good season.

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