Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Poland Pictures on Anniversary of Invasion

I had no idea when I posted my entry yesterday with pictures of Warsaw, Poland that Sept. 1, 2009 was the 70th anniversary of Germany invading Poland - generally considered the initiation of World War II.

But it was.

Diane and I visited Poland in 2002 on an adventure to find where many of her relatives came from, and we had a really good time...nice people, rich history, wonderful food and great beer, beautiful architecture (in parts not destroyed by WW II), and a sobering reality check on what humanity is capable of with a visit the former Auschwitz concentration camp.

Today Poland is doing well in the post-Soviet era. It's a country moving forward, but not forgetting its past. I would recommend a visit if you're looking for something a little different but equally European than the typical France, Italy, Germany experience.

I've uploaded some more pictures of Poland such as the ones below to my Flickr Photostream. You can see the set by clicking - here.

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Charles said...

The pictures are lovely and amazing; you are correct Poland is doing well as it has overcome much! Thanks for sharing!!