Monday, December 21, 2009

Year End "Top 10 Most Viewed Pictures"

With the end of the year now uppon us, I took a look back at my Flickr Photostream to see what the top 10 most viewed pictures are and if there had been any chages since I last checked in September. Below is the list of the ten most viewed images I have taken and posted to Flicker:
  1. Close Up of Taj Mahal Detail

  2. Don't Tread On Me Flag

  3. Beijing Olympic Stadium

  4. Aircraft Carrier Yorktown - Charleston, SC

  5. Former South Vietnam Capitol Building - Ho Chi Minh City

  6. Modern Ho Chi Minh City

  7. 2009 Seattle Gay Pride Parade (Guy on Stilts)

  8. Modern Skyline of Ho Chi Minh City

  9. 2009 Seattle Gay Pride Parade (Tie Dye Marcher)

  10. US Military Vehicles - Ho Chi Minh City

My obersvations are:

  • Four of the top 10 are of Ho Chi Minh City (formerly Saigon). Vietnam must still be a topic of a lot of interest as pictures I took from our 2006 trip there continue to dominate views on my Photostream.
  • I really have no idea why my picture of a close-up of the Taj Mahal has become the most viewed image I've posted. Only a guess. People must want to see what that building look like close up. That was my intent when I took the picture on our 1999 trip...people usually don't see the building up that close. Looks like ten years later, my hunch was right.
  • I think the "Don't Tread On Me" flag received a lot of views since I posted it in May 2009 because of the quasi "protest" movement by conservatives against healthcare reform and anything Obama. That symbol and saying has gained popularity over the past year, and I'm guessing that's why it shot into the top 10 so quickly.
  • The fact that the Beijing Olympic "Birds Nest" stadium still resides in the top ten most viewed pictures I have posted just speaks to how popular that building was in 2008. So many people looked at the image that it's still up there as one of the most viewed a good 1.5 years later.
  • The two pictures here of marchers in the 2009 Seattle Gay Pride parade are a reminder of the MASSIVE amount of views my photos of that event got in the few days following the parade. These two were among the more popular.
  • That the USS Yorktown sits at #4 on the list I guess can be attributed to a general interest online of military vehicles and history.

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