Tuesday, March 16, 2010

CIA Dosed Citizens with LSD

There is a fascinating story in today's NY Post about the CIA secretly dosing innocent citizens with LSD back in the 1950s - both in the US and in France.

While it may be easy to dismiss as all too distant in the past and during the height of the Cold War, I think the fact that these experiments were conceived and executed without the knowledge of the greater government, military or citizenry shows what can happen in our country under our system of government.

For example: are you unconcerned about the government's ability to wire tap your phone under the Patriot Act because you have nothing to hide? Think again. What if they decide that instead of monitoring for terrorist activity, they'll monitor for people who...say...vote one way or the other, are in favor of healthcare reform, own a gun, or other issues? You think that can't (or hasn't) happened? Remember, ours is a system where government agencies have already done things like testing LSD on unknowing, innocent people.

Food for thought.

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