Sunday, March 21, 2010

Photos From Our Poland Trip - Auschwitz

I've uploaded the next batch of photos from our trip to Poland and Prague.

This time, the focus is on our solemn visit to the grounds of the former Nazi concentration camp at Auschwitz. Certainly, it's an unsettling subject for photography, but I firmly believe it's important to document...even all these decades later...the reality of what happened in places like Auschwitz so people will not forget, so they won't repeat the travesties and so still other people will not so easily be able to deny such a thing as the Holocaust happened.

You can see the pictures at the top of my Flickr Photostream by clicking HERE.

Or, you can see them as part of the now growing set of pictures from the trip by clicking HERE.

Taking the train from Krakow, we arrived in the now named Oswiecim - the Polish name for the nearest city to the Auschwitz camps. Yes, there were actually two Auschwitz camps - the original one usually referred to as "Auschwitz I" or just "Auschwitz," and the massive second one called "Auschwitz II - Birkenau" or just "Birkenau."

You can see for yourself from the pictures how huge, premeditated and deadly these camps were. Visiting these sites in person was extremely informative and also chilling - haunting to be in the place where so many people were murdered.

More of my thoughts on that experience are available from my post on the subject by clicking HERE.

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