Thursday, March 25, 2010

What Should You Fear More? Healthcare Reform or Right Wing Morons?

I wonder. What should everyday Americans fear more?

Option one...a healthcare reform law passed by the majority party in the Congress and signed by the majority-elected President that...while completely and totally keeping within the boundaries of a for-profit model...does mandate everyone has coverage, extends coverage to 32 million Americans, eliminates denial for pre-existing conditions, helps reduce the budget deficit (which was run to record high levels under Republican governance in the 2000s) and actually denies access to the system for illegal aliens?

Option two...a minority of irrational, immature, factually deprived morons who - having been fed and listening to out-and-out hogwash from right wing pundits - are willing to do violence against what the erroneously believe to be a "government takeover" of our healthcare system?

I think the bigger concern and fear is the second. But that's just me.

The history of the USA is clear and consistent. Socially progressive change has always without deviation been met with hysterical, violent and reactionary resistance by the right. This is again now what we are seeing. What will be the outcome? If history again proves a guide, the right thing will eventually be done...but at what price?

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