Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Goodbye to Cereal

I noticed something about food that you all may be interested in.

I'm the last person to give diet advice. Heck, my approach is eat what I want (staying reasonable of course) and exercise like a fiend. And that works for the most part.

However, recently we were away on vacation for two weeks in Egypt. We did not exercise - at least not at a gym like we do at home. And, we ate great food the whole time - even indulging in beer or wine most days. Yet, when we came back I was down by five pounds.


I got to thinking about why this might be. One thing to consider is that we did in fact walk around a lot every day, so we were essentially exercising daily. By no means as intensely as we would back home, but for a longer time each day.
The other thing I realized is, I think, the real eye opener. The one food I did not eat the entire time on our trip was breakfast cereal. Our lunches and dinners were as big as we wanted. Same with breakfasts - pastry, eggs, cheese, bacon. But, I didn't eat cereal the whole time. And I think that's what accounted for my loss.

On a hunch I've been abstaining from cereal over the last two weeks since we've returned, as well as getting back to my normal eating and exercise routine. And guess what? I've kept the five pounds off.
Hey, I like breakfast cereal, and I was not eating the sugary kid stuff either. It tastes good, is quick and easy to eat in the morning and fills you up (for the short term).

But, with what I've observed over the past couple weeks...with condolences to Post, Quaker and General Mills...I will be bidding breakfast cereal goodbye. I like it, but goodbye.

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