Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Naked, Gay, Vietnam Taj...and Don't Tread On Me

As I like to do about once every quarter, the other day I checked in on my Flickr Photostream to see what were the 10 most viewed pictures of mine that people across the Internet were viewing.

 Most  were similar to quarters past. My closeup of detail on the Taj Mahal in India is by far and away the most looked at with more than 1,400 views.

After that it's a repeat from previous quarters with an aircraft carrier in South Carolina, the Don't Tread On Me flag, various pictures of Vietnam, the Beijing Olympic stadium and paraders from the 2009 Seattle Gay Pride festivities.

New to the top 10 and skyrocketing into place number eight in just about a month since I posted it is a picture of naked bicycle riders from the Fremont Solstice Parade in Seattle this year.

So, what does this tell us?

Well, there appears to be a massive appetite for close ups of the Taj Mahal. Who knew?

After that, for kicks I'll break it down this way this time...there seems to a pattern perhaps along political lines:

  • On the left there are some free spirits seeking pictures of naked paraders and/or gay paraders and some travel shots of Asia.
  • On the right there are some uptight and traditional people looking for aircraft carriers, the iconic "don't tread on me" flag that has become a symbol of the Tea Party and shots of "the 'Nam."
 But who knows?

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