Monday, August 16, 2010

Elvis Would Have Been 75 Years Old Today

Thirty-three years ago today, Elvis Presley died at the age of 42.

As is said about him, "Elvis did everything before anyone did anything."

That's a pretty accurate statement when it comes to what "being a rock star" has come to mean over the past few decades. For example, here are somethings that Elvis did bigger, better or first...
  • Combining blues, country and hillbilly music into what became known as "rock and roll" - check.
  • Male sex appeal sending teenage girls into a frenzy - check.
  • Gender bending with eyeliner - check.
  • Shocking parents and older adults with stage moves - check.
  • Big TV specials - check.
  • Entourage of childhood buddies - check.
  • Cross-over from music to movies - check.
  • Messy divorce - check.
  • Big estate - check.
  • Extravagant possessions (jet, horses, cars, jewelry, etc.) - check.
  • Drug addiction, paranoia and an early demise - check.
So for all you did for music and pop culture, R.I.P. Elvis...

Picture taken by me, Marc Osborn, and is not authorized for any use without permission from me.

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