Monday, August 30, 2010

Excursion to Egypt - The Series

As many readers of this blog know by now, my wife Diane and I took a trip to Egypt this past spring. Over the past couple months, I've re-capped our adventures in a series of posts - each with the "Excursion to Egypt" title.

Through the series, I've tried to capture not only where we visited, but also added in some observations and perspectives. Hopefully you have found this interesting, maybe learned something and picked up tips for what to do if you ever visit that ancient and fascinating land.

In any case, I've now collected the various pieces from the series together in one place. Simply click on the headlines below to access the chapters.



Photo Feature - Pictures from our trip on my Flickr Photostream

Sinai & the Red Sea

Observations About Egypt

NOTE: All content within the Excursion To Egypt series has been written or photographed by me, Marc Osborn, and is copy written in my name. No use of the text or photos within the series is authorized without written permission from me.

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