Friday, September 24, 2010

Predictions for Week Four in Pac-10 Football

Here are quick predictions for this weekend's Pac-10 football games...

Oregon at Arizona State - Ducks new QB has a horrible road game, throws 2 INTs (one for a pick-six) and the Oregon D has trouble with the ASU offense. BUT, Oregon overcomes these problems with their fast offense, great special teams and stiff second half defense to post a close come from behind win...23-21. I know this flyis in the face of conventional wisdom given the Ducks season so far, but I think at some point they're going to hit some adversity and their first Pac-10 road test with a relatively inexperienced QB may be it. I also think they're the better team and will squeek it out.

Washington has a bye.

WSU hosts USC - USC dominates and looks like the Trojans of old winning the game 42-3.

Oregon State at Boise State - boy, as a Duck fan this is a stinker in terms of who to root for. But, thinking about my school's best interests, I'm going to root for the hated Beavers to upset the almost as hated Broncos to clear out a space in the polls above the Ducks to move up into. However, I don't think this will matter one bit as I see the Broncos winning 37-17. They're just a really good team.

UCLA at Texas - two struggling teams (although with Texas it's relative as they're 3-0) with recent hopes for optimism. The Longhorns will be too much for the Bruins and win at home 38-10.

Cal at Arizona - 'Cats build on their big win vs. Iowa last week and take this one 28-14 at home.

Stanford at Notre Dame - upset. Notre Dame confounds conventional wisdom and wins 23-17.

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