Friday, October 15, 2010

All-Body X-Rays Coming to Sea-Tac

Just read that new all-body x-ray scanners are going to be installed at Sea-Tac Airport starting next week.

These are the ones that show TSA agents everything under your clothes.

OK, so we had the shoe bomber and we had to take off our shoes at airport security, we had the guy trying to combine explosive liquids from bottles in their carry on luggage and now we can only bring miniature sized sundry bottles on the airplane, and we had the failed "underwear bomber" last Christmas so we now have these all-body x-ray machines.

A few questions then:

What happens if the next would-be terrorist decides to put explosives in a body cavity?

Why do we always seem to be trying to prevent the terrorist tactic that has already been tried? After all, doesn't it seem like we implement some security measure based on the last attempt and, lo and behold, a terrorist tries something entirely new...something we had not thought of? Shouldn't we be thinking ahead instead of behind?

As someone who will no doubt be flying for business again in the future, I understand and appreciate it's all about trying to keep air travel safe and prevent another 9-11 or similar travesty (with a nice profit to the makers of the x-ray machines too of course). But, at some point, when do you completely give up your privacy and freedom? And is that a good thing or not? Where's the balance?

And finally, how long will it be until there is an online market for these digital all-body x-ray photos? You know it'll happen.

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Wimpie said...

You have the RIGHT to OPT-OUT.
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