Friday, October 1, 2010

Here are predictions for this week's Pac-10 football games...

Stanford beats Oregon at Autzen. Yes, you read that correctly. That's what I think will happen. Obviously I'll be rooting hard for the opposite, but I think that what Stanford does very well matches up directly against Oregon's weaknesses. The Cardinal has a big, brutal and experienced offensive line and an excellent, accurate QB. I think they'll have a lot of success such as we saw ASU have against the Duck D...but I doubt the Stanford QB will throw five interceptions- if any - like the ASU QB did. I'm not going to predict a score. It could be 45-31 or it could be 9-3. I don't know, but based on what I saw out of Oregon last week I think they're beatable and the team that'll likely do it is Stanford. Home field helps, and may end up making me look foolish in this prediction, but unfortunately I think the Ducks go down this week.

USC beats Washington 35-17. Yes, I know UW beat USC last year in a great game, but this year it's down in L.A. and I think USC is just an all-around better team. I don't see "the fighting Sarks" going in there an upsetting the Trojans.

WSU loses to UCLA 38-3. UCLA continues their resurgance. WSU continues their folly. Enough said.

ASU beats Oregon State in Corvallis. ASU is good. OSU is off to a shakey start. Based on what I saw from the Sun Devlis against the Ducks, I can see them going into Corvallis and taking this game. It's a bit of a tossup as the Beavers are coming home after a loss and looking to pick up a league win and ASU may be on letdown alert after losing two in a row that they could have won. But, if ASU is, in fact, as good as they've seemed over the past two weeks they'll win this one.

Cal and Arizona both have byes this weekend.

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