Thursday, November 11, 2010

Week 11 Pac-10 Football Predictions

My predictions for week eleven in Pac-10 football...

Oregon will defeat Cal by the score of 38-24 in Berkley. Cal is a very good home team and despite having to play their second string QB in this game, they have lots of talent on both sides of the ball. I think they will play well and may even lead this game going into the half. BUT...I think the Ducks will wear them down and by the late third quarter/early fourth quarter they will put the hammer down and score couple TDs to pull ahead for good. In the end, a closer game than people might think, but a road win none the less for the Ducks.

Oregon State will beat WSU by the score of 41-17 in Corvallis. OSU is just better than WSU and they are playing at home. The end.

Stanford will beat Arizona State by the score of 31-14 in Tempe. I don't see ASU stopping the Stanford O enough to win this one. Plus, Stanford is very motivated to keep only the one loss on their record to increase their chances of a major bowl bid.

USC will beat Arizona by the score of 27-21 in Tuscon. I'm calling upset here. Arizona is coming off a loss that puts them out of the running for the Pac-10 crown, and may be deflated. Meanwhile, USC is coming off a win that - while close - re-ignites their desire to finish strong despite not being eligible for a bowl or the league title.

Washington and UCLA do not play this weekend. They match up against each other next weekend in a battle that will eliminate one of them as eligible for a bowl game.

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