Friday, December 31, 2010

Countdown to "The Natty" - Do We Have the Best Matchup?

Is Auburn vs. Oregon truly a matchup of the two best teams in NCAA football this season?

Yes, it is. The undefeated champion of the SEC and the undefeated champion of the Pac-10 are easily the best two teams in college football this year.

Yes, there are others who are very, very good. Stanford, Wisconsin, Ohio State, TCU, Boise State, Michigan State all come to mind. But all of those teams lost a game. They lost. Oregon and Auburn did not. They found ways to win. Every game.

For those teams in the “big” conferences with only one loss, they will all be going to great bowl games.

For undefeated TCU, well, they just don’t play in a league with tough enough competition to vault them into the top two positions in the rankings. They just don’t. Simple as that. None the less, they're in the Rose Bowl.

And so it is that we are indeed getting the best matchup of this season for the national championship. For all the debate and conversation, no matter who wins, we’ll know they were the best team this season.

Hey, if Oregon contains Cam Newton and wins, you’ll know…the Ducks are the best team. And conversely, Newton and Auburn go off on Oregon and win, there will be no doubt the Tigers are the best.

And that's what you want in the big game.

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