Monday, December 27, 2010

My 2010 The Year In Pictures and Picture of the Year

I've created a year-in-review "best of" set of pictures that I took in 2010. With trips to Egypt, the Grand Canyon, Iowa, the Rose Bowl and other fun places, it was quite a year for photography.

You can see the full set of my 2010: The Year In Pictures by clicking HERE.

Picture of the Year
While it was a tough one to chose, my selection for the best shot I took in 2010 is below. The exotic locale of this picture, the history and importance of the monuments, as well as the symmetry of three pyramids and three camels...and no tourists in view...create a pretty dang good shot if you ask me.

Trivia question: There actually is a person in this picture, can you find him/her?

NOTE: You can also see my 2009: The Year In Pictures set by clicking HERE.

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