Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Is A 12 Point Win In College Football A "Beat Down?"

Is a 12 point victory in college football a "beat down?"

According to the Husky Honks on KJR radio, it is.

That's because its the margin of victory for their beloved UW over Nebraska in the Holiday Bowl last week.

My opinion?

The win was an impressive, unexpected and well deserved win...but far from a "beat down."

No, Nebraska's early win over the Huskies by the score of 56-21 was a beatdown.

So was the Oregon win over the Dawgs by the sore of 53-16.

Not to mention the 41-0 win by Stanford over Washington.

And of course Arizona beat the Huskies 44-14.

Those are beat downs.

Seems like Husky Honks should know one when they see one.

Hey, feel good about your bowl win, but please...don't make it more than it was.

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