Friday, February 25, 2011

Poll Uncovers Two (Not) Surprises About Public Employees and Bargaining Rights

Here is (not a) surprise...

Turns out that the majority of Americans oppose elimination of collective bargaing rights for public employees.

Remember, the controversy in Wisconsin that has started this debate is not about the need to negotiate cuts or reductions in benefits for public employees as a way of addressing budget concerns, but rather the Republican governor's move to completely elminiate even the right for public workers to bargain collectively at all.

See the info from the USA Today/Gallup Poll HERE.

And, here is another (not a) surprise...

According to the same poll, what is the one income bracket in which the majority are in favor of cutting out the right for public workers to bargain collectively? Yep, people who make more money - people who make $90,000 a year or more to be specific. Some info HERE.


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