Thursday, March 10, 2011

Hearings Focused In the Wrong Direction

As Republican Representative Peter King conducts stunt hearings this week on Capital Hill about radical Islam and terrorism in the United States, the truth is that it's not Muslims who commit most terrorist acts here.
For example, how about THIS guy? He recently planted a bomb on the route of a MLK Day parade in Spokane, WA.

Remember Timothy McVeigh?

Remember the Unibomber?

What about the guy who set off that bomb at the Atlanta Olympics?

The guy who went on a shooting rampage at Virginia Tech?


Or how about the guy who flew his airplane into a Federal government office building in Texas?

Remember the guy who walked into the Holocaust Museum in D.C. and started shooting?

Or the anti-government mailbox pipe bomber?

Better yet, check out THIS LIST of terror acts in the U.S. The majority were NOT perpetrated by "radical" Muslims or Muslims at all.

Yes, certainly 9-11 was planned and conducted by Muslims, some of whom had moved here and then enacted the plan. And there are some other acts of terrorism in the U.S. by Muslims. These are all tragic and horrible acts that are linked to a radical and dangerous interpretation of Islam. All true and we need to take the threat from that sector seriously.
Those acts are well outnumbered by terrorist actions taken by non-Muslims U.S. citizens. Indeed, the people blowing up bombs, randomly shooting people or planning to do so are not Muslim and their cause is not Islam.

So, my advice for Rep. King would be to look more seriously into who really is conducting terrorism on a regular basis in the U.S., why and how to stop it. By my perusal of the incidents, a far more realistic set of causes of terrorism in the U.S. are: racism, anti-governmentism, radical environmentalism, failings of our health and education system to ID and treat mental illness...and quick and easy access to high powered weaponry for anyone and everyone in the United States.
But, busting anti-government kooks, racists, ultra conservative nut jobs, enviro extremist and railing in favor of a better healthcare system probably wouldn't get him the same sensational headlines he wants.

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