Thursday, April 28, 2011

Will Southern States Accept Federal Assistance in Wake of Tornadoes?

A question to ponder...

Will the southern states impacted by the recent spate of tornadoes, but yet so typically conservative and anti-Federal government, accept Federal government funds? Or, will they reject them in favor of whatever their state can provide or generate?

The later would be the only answer if conservative states down in the south were to stay true to their professed beliefs and voting patterns.

However, I think I know the real answer. Of course they will be all too glad to accept the funding and FEMA assistance from U.S. taxpayers (and the sooner the better) to help clean up and address the devastation.

I don't hold that against them. This is a profound example of "we are all in this together." I want my tax money to go to help my fellow Americans.

But, as many souther state are swept up in conservative "states rights" discussion and anti-Federal government rhetoric, I think more introspection is needed by them for when the rubber meets the road - or a line of tornadoes rips through the south - we do indeed need the Federal government as a help.

Think on that.

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