Tuesday, May 17, 2011

It's The End Of the World As We Know It...And I Feel Fine

Just like the famous song by REM, I feel fine about the supposed "judgement day" that is supposed to happen this weekend on May 21, and then the actual destruction and true "end of the world" on October 21, 2011. Info on the end of the world prediction promoted this year HERE.

Why am I OK with this?

Well, because there will be no judgement day this weekend (unless you mean the result of one of the NBA or NHL playoff games) and the world isn't going to end in October. No really, neither of those things are going to happen. Seriously.

Indeed, come 12 a.m. May 22, our globe and everyone in it will be the same as it was the day before. The only "judgements" that will be happening will be the ones we all already engage in every day. No Jesus, no rapture...nothing of the sort. And come October 22, the world will be it's normal self - for good or bad.

Religion is about many things, but among the top things it is about is control of people by fear. And what could be more scary than the end of the world and wanting to secure your spot on the side of the supposed "good guys" team. And that's why as soon as the big event doesn't happen, there will be more predictions of the end of the world right away.

See my earlier post HERE for my thoughts on these type of "the world is ending" warnings and how I can single handily prove the nut holes who espouse them wrong.

Meanwhile, on a serious note about "the end of the world," I think that there are only three ways this will happen:

1) By human kind's own hand - nuclear war, pollution or some other single or series of man-made mega disasters.

2) A massive asteroid hits the planet. That would do it. Ask the dinosaurs if their world ended.

3) As will inevitably will happen, our sun dies...first expanding massively to engulf our planet and then collapsing into a black hole. That would literally destroy the entire planet leaving nothing. Of course, this might be three million years from now...but it will happen at some point.

And that's pretty much it.


Swift said...

I officially learned a new phrase today, "nut hole."


Marc said...

Yeah, "nut holes" are equal parts a-hole and nut job.