Thursday, May 19, 2011

New Rock Music for 2011

OK, so here we are nearly six months into 2011. If you are like me, over recent years you've lamented the lack of quality new rock and roll. Sure, we all have our favorites from years gone by...some of whom are still active. And that's great. Love it. But, what's new?

Two quarters into this year (and that's how us corporately indentured slaves measure things), based on my listening I can report that rock and roll is alive and well actually.

For example, here is some NEW music by either NEW rock bands or relatively new bands that you should check out:
  • The Joy Formidable - check out their 2011 album The Big Roar.
  • Mona - Nashville based rockers spit it out on their debut album by the same name.
  • Funeral Party - L.A. pop rockers know what's up with their first full length album called The Golden Age of Knowwhere.
  • Glasvegas - epic, heartfelt rock from these guys in their second album called Euphoric Heartbreak
  • The Vaccines - this English guitar based pop rock group hits some nice chords and tunes that make you want to jump around...and that ain't a bad thing.
  • British Sea Power - with their new one called Valhalla Dancehall, this British group really rocks out in a smart and compelling way. Check it. 
  • Sharks - this band's compilation of work over the last 4-5 years is called The Joys Of Living. They haven't had a full LP release, so this is it for them so far. I say check it out and see if you dig.
For sure there are some other rockers keepin' it real such as Foo Fighters, Social Distortion, U2 and some others. But, in terms of what's new from new or recent band, I think these are among the best.

One last note, if you noticed that most these rock bands are from Britain, you are not seeing things. Nope. Unfortunately, the USA has for the most part given up on rock and roll in favor of pop (in all of it's varieties), country (or what passes for it today), hip-hop and dance music. If rock bands want to get a hearing today they either need to be from Britain or go there to get known. Sad but true.

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