Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Who's Responsible? You Are.

In the wake of the debt ceiling debacle and related matters - not to mention enduring high unemployment, wage stagnation, shriking middle class, high cost of education, gridlock in DC, Social Security and Medicare future in doubt, etc. - there's a lot of blame being tossed around.

Power-hungry conservatives blame Obama and Democrats while full-well knowing that it is conservative economics that have a) dominated the last 10 years and b) consequently created most the problems we are now experiencing. They are essentially banking on the American public's collective amnesia in an effort to pin their failures over the past decade on Obama in order to win more seats and/or majorities in both houses and the Presidency in 2012.

Meanwhile, weak and wishy-washy liberals attempt to blame, well, hmm. I guess they're saying "the politics of division" or "politics" are the problem. Kinda right, but so woefully articulated and so poorly fought that it has the force of impact of a bowl of cold oatmeal hitting an already soaked sponge. Soft.

But one group that is not being called out for the blame That's right, the citizens of the U.S. are to blame for either a) voting for the bozos running the country now, or b) not voting.

Let me put it to you this way...
  • Are you a "red stater," or hard conservative voter? You sitting on your couch drinking light beer and watching NASCAR and Fox News - literally cheering when someone like Palin or Bachman gives a speech? You are to blame for our situation because of your habitual voting into office of people who enact economic policies that are KILLING our country. Tax cuts for the rich and big companies and massive deregulation of business, financial, environmental and housing sectors does not - repeat, does NOT - benefit you, your community, your fellow citizens or the nation as a whole. That agenda has never worked in the U.S. and it never will. To the contrary, every time it has been enacted in force, it has led to major economic crisis. History is clear on this and you are ignorant of this. So, you keep voting for these people and they keep passing that agenda - duping you.
  • Are you a "blue state" liberal or "progressive?" You sitting outside on your lawn with your legs crossed smoking a J? Maybe a white wine spritzer and some brie while watching a re-run of The Big Chill? You get fired up when you hear Obama talk about finding common ground and the power of the American people to overcome anything? You are to blame for our current situation - perhaps even more than the red staters. Why? First, you keep voting for REALLY wimpy and spineless Democrats who cannot or do not enact a progressive agenda nor effectively defend common sense programs and values. OK, maybe you say that you can only vote for the Ds or progressives that get put on the ballot. But, that leads me to my second point here, which is while your type did muster one big push to get Obama elected, since then you've pretty much said, "OK, did my part...I'm done." And with that, things have gone right back to the way they were before - ie, Republicans kicking Democrats in the head with Democrats responding in kind with, "thank you sir may I have another?" Conservatives are highly motivated, you are lazy.
  • Are you someone who does not vote? Are you sitting around thinking to yourself, "it doesn't matter who I vote for...they're all the same anyway?" You more turned on by The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills than what's going on in your state capital or DC? Hey, I get it. I share a lot of those feelings (but not about Real Housewives), but if you're not voting, you're part of the problem. Put it this way...if a few more of you had turned out and voted for Gore in 2000, we would not have been treated to that catastrophe of the 2000s called the presidency of George W. Bush - a man, an administration and an agenda that more directly than anything else put us in the mess we see today. Thanks for that.
So there you go. You want to blame someone for our current economic crisis, the debt, unemployment, environmental issues (oil spill anyone?), engagement in two wars for going on 10 years now? Don't automatically look to your neighbor or your political opposites and start screeching about how "they are ruining America." They might be, but only becuase YOU let them. More than that, YOU elected them. Ergo...who's to blame? YOU are. Ponder that over you next Bud Light, spliff or spritzer.

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