Monday, September 19, 2011

Pac-12 Re-Cap bounced back from your season opening loss on the road to LSU by beating Nevada and Missouri State by a lot of points as expected. Can you keep improving vs. Arizona on the road? Win and you're on schedule. Lose and...remember the Holiday Bowl? lost big to Nebraska on the road with a healthy shove from the refs. But you also didn't exactly help yourself with your 3rd quarter meltdown. Get up, dust off and make something of your season starting vs. Cal this weekend. Or, don't and get prepared for something more like a 4-8/5-7 season.

WSU...reality bites huh? SDSU isn't Idaho State nor UNLV. A revealing loss as to where your team may actually be.

Oregon got the week off. Probably for the best considering your season to date. beat Arizona on the road, but lost your best tackler for the season due to injury. A nice win, but how costly? got beat at home by Stanford. Doesn't get much easier with a game vs. Oregon this weekend. You may be looking at 0-2 in league play real quick. beat Syracuse at home by a lot of points. As expected. Nice job. On the road vs. ASU next weekend is a big one for the Pac-12 south race.

Arizona lost to Big-10 middle tier team Illinois on the road. Is this the start of your annual "not ready for prime time" performance or just an isolated road choke?

Cal...whatever. Nobody is impressed that you beat Presbyterian. In fact, nobody has ever even heard of that school. Even their own students are saying, "I go to Presbyterian? And we have a football team?"

Colorado...nice job. You beat in state rivals CSU. You're on the upswing after losing to Cal close.

UCLA...well, you are just not a very good football team now are you? You lost to Texas by a lot. Your season is starting the circle the toilet bowl. hammered in state rival BYU. Thank you and good job.

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