Sunday, September 25, 2011

Pac-12 Week 4 Re-Caps rolled over Arizona big. So, you matched the other two Top 10 teams that have done that to the Wildcats this season, substantiating two things: 1) yes indeed, you are a Top 10 team (#9 as of today), 2) Arizona is not a very good football team. Rest up on your  week off and get ready for Cal. tried to give it away to Cal at the end, but you didn't. Kudos to your D (oddly enough) for stifling Cal right at the end. Bizarre play call by Cal on that last play, but hey - you won. You are now officially at the "top of the middle tier" of the Pac-10. That will be on the line again next week vs. Utah. lost to UW on the road. You are probably better than that, but you just dug yourself a hole with your next game against Oregon in Eugene. didn't play, and that's probably good as last week's loss vs. SDSU was not a good sign. looked pretty bad most of your loss to Oregon - in particular mental breakdowns, penalties, dropped passes and an "out of control" coach on the sideline. You are now fighting for bowl status.

Oregon lost to UCLA. At home. Not good. Welcome to the bottom of the Pac-10. beat OSU on the road and can feel good about being 1-0 in Pac-12 play. But on the other hand, you only beat the Beavers. So, don't get too cocky. Reality will be present and accounted for when you square off against Stanford next week.

Arizona bounced back from losing last week to beat a ranked USC team on your home field. That's pretty good, honestly. You are now in the driver seat for the Pac-12 South crown. lost to ASU. That is not shock, but in recent years this would have not happened. You are not the team you were two, three or four years ago. had your "hat" handed to you by Ohio State. Lots of teams suffer that fate, so don't get too down on it as it's a non-conference game. sat this week out and prepped for UW next weekend - a game in which with a win you can simultaneously climb into the Pac-12 South race and knock the Dawgs out of the running for the North title. sat this week out with UCLA coming up in a week.

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