Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Pac-12 Week 8 Quick Picks

Oregon vs. Colorado in Boulder. Ducks may be without their starting QB and RB, but it won't matter. Too big a talent and experience miss-match. They win big: 41-17.

UW vs. Stanford at Palo Alto. UW is reminded that their 5 wins to date have come against poor and injury depleated teams. Stanford is neither. Trees win 34-21.

WSU vs. OSU in Seattle. Neither school's campus is anywhere near Seattle, but yet they're playing there this weekend. For the Beavers, it won't matter where they play this one. Cougs win 24-10.

Cal vs. Utah in SF. Neither team is having a good season so far. I'm going to say that Cal gets off the losing streak at home with a win - 17-10.

UCLA vs. Arizona in Tucson. Pillow fight! Two bad teams slap it out in the desert. Arizona could be re-motivated with the loss of their coach and playing at home against a team similar in talent. So, I'm going to pick them to win a close one 24-21.

USC vs. Notre Dame in South Bend. Hmmm. Could be a close one. Neither team really setting the world on fire, but both have talent. Toss up, but I'll take USC 27-21.

ASU has the week off.

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