Sunday, October 23, 2011

Pac1-12 Week 8 Re-Cap destroyed Colorado as expected - even without your starting QB or RB. The outcome was equal parts how good you are and how bad Colorado is. Get ready for stiffer tests coming up.

Colorado...sorry, this is not your season. Get through the rest of this one, reload and try again next year.

UW...rumors of you "being back" are greatly exaggerated to say the least. So-so offense and atrocious defense might work against Eastern Washington, Utah, Colorado or Hawaii, but it ain't gonna cut it against a good team like Stanford.

Stanford...well, UW was supposed to be your first real "test" this season. So, on one hand you rose to the occasion by clobbering the Huskies. But on the other hand, seeing what we all observed Saturday, perhaps UW is just another weak opponent. Your season gets real next week vs. USC in L.A.

WSU...poor performance in "the Seattle game" meant you lost to a pretty dang band Oregon State team. Like the Huskies, your resurgence has been over hyped.

OSU...well, well, well. The script remains the same year after year - poor start, middle of the season improvement (where you're at now) and then playing your best at the end of the season. We'll see if that last part comes true or not. Either way, you now have 2 wins for the season.

USC...your game is improving and you showed it on the road at Notre Dame. That win was worth it just to see ND coach Kelly squirm in front of the media afterwards. Big test for you next week vs. Stanford. decimated UCLA to pick up your first win in quite some times - ironically just after your coach was fired. Nice job rebounding. Make a run in the second half of the season to build up to next season.

UCLA...heavy, heavy sigh. Just ain't work and hasn't for quite some time. I don't expect it will this season either.

Cal...a win against a school not named Presbyterian! Oh, that's right. You were playing league newcomer Utah. But hey, take it.

Utah...lets all say it again together, "The Pac-12 is not the Mountain West." Reality is really setting for you and you have not won a league game yet. Will you this season? did not play so nothing to say to you.

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