Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Public Nudity Legal in San Francisco? Yes

File this one under "you learn something new every day"...

Turns out, public nudity is legal in San Francisco. Yep, you can walk around and do whatever completely nude inside the boundaries of the city of San Francsico as long as you are not "in a state of arousal."

This is just not something I was aware of. Strikes me as pretty out there. It also strikes me that despite this freedom, 99.99999999% of people in SF must not be nudists becuase I've been their MANY times over the decades and never seen anyone in the buff out on the streets.

I learned this bit of info in a story that reports how SF nudists will be required to cover up when entering or dining at restaurants if a new ordance is passed.

Equally entertaining are the reader comments below the story.

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