Sunday, November 13, 2011

Pac-10 Week 11 Re-Caps beat previously undefeated Stanford on the road, and pretty handily. You made Mr. All Everything QB Andrew Luck look extremely human and put 53 points on The Cardinal. The world is your oyster as long as win your last two home games, starting with USC next week.

Stanford...despite your undefeated record going into this last weekend's game, turns out you are not that great - and certainly not as good as the Ducks. In your first real test of the season, you flopped. Yet, you will still finish up your season well. I doubt you lose again. You could even sneak into a BCS bowl.

Washington...the song remains the same with your loss to USC. You play weak teams, you win...six of them so far (EWU, Hawaii, Arizona, Colorado, Utah, Cal). You play good teams, you lose...four of them so far (USC, UO, Stanford, Nebraska). With Oregon State and WSU left on your schedule, I suspect you'll win both of those to finish the pattern at 8-4. beat Washington for the first time in at least three tries and you've set up a tasty match next week with Oregon in Eugene. Should be interesting. won! You beat ASU no less. With a freshman QB. Even better! Nice job. Technically you're still in the hunt for bowl eligibility.

ASU...what happened? Oh, the same thing that happens every season...lots of hype, a few early wins that seem to support that hype, and then flopsville through the middle and end of the season. Looks like you're on that path again. lost to Cal. Doesn't all this losing demoralize you?

Cal...your late season rebound continued with your win over the Beavers. With six wins already under your belt, one more would seem very possible - it won't be Stanford next week, but could be ASU the following week. killed UCLA. That's not particularly noteworthy as many teams have done that this year, but on it's own it's a step forward for you as you are now bowl eligible with a couple more to play.
UCLA...the bad news is, you lost again - badly again. The good news is that you are still overall 5-5, and while you are not going to get into the Pac-12 championship game as the rep from the South division, you have a decent chance of being bowl eligible if you beat Colorado next week.

Colorado...whoa! What just happened? You won a Pac-12 game, that is what just happened! Not only that, you put up 48 points up on Arizona. And, by doing it towards the end of the season you are showing improvement of your woeful start. Nice job.

Arizona...whoa! What just happened? You officially became the worst team in the Pac-12. That's what happens when you get beat by the team that has the worst record in the league. Thanks for playing. See you next year.

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