Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Romney Pays 15% Annual Tax Rate

Yep, that's right. Mitt pays 15% income tax annually. Think that's something he should be proud of? Think that you'd like to get in on some of that yourself...as in, if he wins the Presidency some of that low tax rate stuff is coming your way?

Think again. That's now how Mitt works, it's not how the Republican Party works and it's not how conservative economics work.

The issue of Mitt's tax rate and the spectacular irony it presents in the context of our economy and the 2012 election cannot be recapped by me better than has already been written on The Plumb Line Blog appearing in the Washington Post's Opinion section.

That short but well-worth-reading post is HERE.

To summarize, the fact that Mitt pays 15% tax is not the solution to our economic problems. No. How he can do that and continues to do so is the problem with our economy.

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