Friday, May 18, 2012

Romeny TV Ad - Going Backwards From Day One

Mitt "Corporations Are People, My Friend" Romney has unleashed a new TV ad touting what he will do on day one of a Romney Presidency.

Not surprisingly it focuses on taxes, jobs, energy policy and the economy.

Also not surprisingly - to me at least - is that each one of the things he proposes is a step backwards and towards the exact problems that have enmeshed the USA in a poor economy.

Lets look at the things Mitt he'd do on day one of his presidency:
  • Taxes - a 20% cut for every tax bracket, maintaining current low tax rates on investment income, eliminating taxes on estates, cutting the corporate tax rate to 25% and a few others. Guess who benefits most from this set of cuts? Is it the millions of middle class or poor out there? Surprise! It's not. Don't be fooled by the 20% cut for everyone. That's populist pandering and probably would never happen. The real core here is the corporate and rich-guy stuff. You can bet that stuff would get done real fast and it'll be the rich and big corporations laughing all the way to the bank while still not employing your brother, uncle, sister or kid. Oh, and Mitt offers no info on what he'd cut on spending to offset these major cuts, so the budget deficit could get way, way worse with this plan.
  • Heatlth Care - repeal the Obama health care reform law. Setting aside the rich irony that the Obama plan is templated on the plan Romney himself championed for Massachusetts when he was govern or there, I personally think the Supreme Court overturn the law this summer anyway. But, Romney is using the undecided issue now in the TV ad. Health care costs are a big, big issue in this country and the Obama law addresses them in at least some way. Repeal puts us back to where we were before with climbing numbers of uninsured, unaffordable insurance policies and medical procedures...and who do you think is going to pay for that anyway? Yep, all of us. Again, straight backwards.
  • Energy/Jobs - approve the Keystone Pipeline project that would see a massive oil pipeline built straight through middle America.OK, it would create jobs. Yes. But, it doubles us down on oil as energy instead of getting energy companies to invest in new jobs to create new, cleaner and more sustainable forms of energy. I see this ploy as to please the energy sector. Oh, and guess what those workers won't have while their building the pipeline under Romney's plan - access to affordable health care if they were to be injured or get sick on the job.
Mitt Romney, taking us backwards to the genesis of our problems starting on day one.

Nice to know so far in advance.

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