Friday, June 29, 2012

Conservatives Attempt to Blame Obama for Colorado Wild Fires

All you need to know about the mentality, strategic approach and utter contempt for  average Americans by some conservatives is in full evidence with THIS STORY today where we see that they are trying to blame Obama for the Colorado fires.

That's right. Obama - someone they accuse of being a big spending, big government socialist - is now accused of essentially starting and growing the fires for underinvestment in fire fighting airplanes.


But is anyone surprised? After all, conservatives and Republicans have - since the moment Obama was sworn in - taken the twin strategic approaches of "blame Obama for everything" and it's close cousin "take the opposite stance as Obama on everything" as an all out effort to a) stall anything he wants to do, and b) create conditions favorable for Republican wins.

Ergo...Colorado is a swing state and could go either way in the election come November. So, gin up some negativity about Obama now and see if it sticks. That's what's going on here.

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