Thursday, August 16, 2012

Why the Seahawks Changed Uniforms this Season

The Seattle Seahawks have donned new uniforms this season. Not sure if I like them. They're still blue, green and grey...just like always. But wow they are a radical departure from their previews two uniforms.

Why change? After all, it was only a few year ago that the Hawks transitioned from their traditional/original kits into the more "all blue" type they've been wearing for the last 8-9 seasons.



New for 2012

Turns many's all about money.

Yes, the Seahawks and the NFL no doubt want to make more money on sales of jerseys and related items, so yes that's one motivation for changing...give fans something new they gotta buy.

But, I heard on KJR-AM (sports radio in Seattle) that the REAL reason for the change was that the NFL did a deal with Nike for design and production of all teams uniforms. Under terms of the deal, Nike would either produce versions of any/all NFL teams traditional and current uniforms or they'd create new ones if teams wanted.

Some wanted new duds. Some did not. But the Seahawks fell into a third category.

Indeed, up to the Nike deal, their uniforms were produced by Reebok. Reebok created and owns copyright on the color of blue used in those uniforms...and they ain't letting Nike use it. So, that pretty much forced the hand of the Seahawks in going down the route of new uniforms from Nike featuring a new shade of blue. Could they have just used the old design but with a Nike blue instead? Probably. But I'd guess they decided that since they had to change anyway, they might as well go all in with an all new design too.

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