Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Debate Overview

This just in from Republicans...Mitt Romney totally dominated the debate this week and established himself as a serious threat to Obama.

This just in from Democrats...President Obama did just fine and, oh by the way, Romney said a load of stuff that are demonstrably false and contradictory from his previous statements.

Somewhere between these two perspectives lies the reality.

My opinion? Obama failed to nail...absolutely nail...Romney on the many, many bogus things he said...things that we know are not true and or completely discredited by history.

I think Obama probably took the perspective of "I'll just endure this, appear 'Presidential' and hope Romney says something stupid." Guess what? Romney did not say anything stupid. Sure,he said lost of things that were false, disingenuous, opposite to his previous stances, etc. But not stupid. Also, he was more upbeat.

The battle is joined. Romney did well tonight. Obama underachieved. We're only talking about a small percentage of undecided voters who will be using these debates as input on how they will vote. So, I think Romney "won" the debate. Will it matter come election day? Not sure. I mean, think about it. George W bush put on HORRIBLE debate 2004 and he won. So, debate performance alone is not enough to swing things in today's media saturated America.

We'll see!

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