Wednesday, November 21, 2012

2012 Thankful List

With Thanksgiving 2012 upon us, below is a list of 10 things I'm truly thankful for. You can also see another expression of things I'm thankful for in pictures on my Flickr Photostream HERE.

Thankful List 2012
  • My wife Diane - this year we celebrated 15 years of marriage. I love Diane and being with her is the best and most important thing in my life.
  • My health and Diane's - this year offered a reminder that one's health is oh so important and can be a fragile thing. I'll spare you the details other than to say: 1) both of us are just fine and healthy, but 2) you should listen to/observe your body...and if something seems "off" go have it checked out.
  • Family - family is family and I'm thankful to have them.
  • Friends - old and new. Once again, our year was enriched by both continuing our cherished relationships with friends and by meeting new ones we hope we can stay in touch with and enjoy for years to come.
  • Where we live - Seattle is awesome. What's not to like? Sea, mountains, great food scene, great music scene, mild weather compared to 90% of the rest of the country, Canada nearby, WA and OR wine country nearby, San Juan Islands nearby, etc., etc., etc.
  • Our cat. That's right. Our cat...Josie P. Jones. She's 12 years old now and a central part of our everyday life at home. We love you Josie P.
  • That we have the interest, means and health to travel. We went to Peru this year and had a wonderful time, learned new things and saw spectacular sights. Check it all out HERE.
  • The fact that the 2012 elections are over - seriously. Regardless of which side any of us fall on (Republicans and Democrats, Obama and Romney, etc.) I am just glad that damn thing is over. It got pretty annoying and tedious...all too often showcasing the worst of our political system and media. 
  • New things. Nostalgia has its place, and like most people I enjoy things I am used to or that bring back good memories. BUT, I am thankful for new ideas, new music, new art, new places to visit, etc. It keeps you alive and in the moment. After all, if you're not looking forward people, you're just living in the past and that's pretty dang limiting.
  • Great work colleagues. Work is hard enough as it is, so I am thankful that the people I work directly with every day are so good at what they do, dedicated and willing to collaborate. Together, we might just get through this thing! 

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