Friday, November 30, 2012

Will the Real Pac-12 Champ Please Stand Up?

We now know that Stanford is officially the 2012 Pac-12 champion. They beat UCLA in the conference title game Friday. By the rules of the league, this win indisputably crowns them champs and gets them into the Rose Bowl.

However, is Stanford really the best team in the league? After all, they don't have the best record.

Also, the North Division, South Division divide gives us matchups for the league title that don't pit the best two teams by record.

Here's my ranking of the Pac-12 teams from one to 12...
  1. Oregon, 11-1. All 11 wins were beat downs of the competition. The one loss was in OT.
  2. Stanford, 11-2. To those who say, "yeah, but they beat Oregon...surely that means they are better" I say Stanford lost two games, Oregon only lost one. Also, any team that lost to UW is questionable.
  3. Oregon State, 9-3. Exceeded expectations season for the Beavs. 
  4. UCLA, 9-4. A good record, but they lost to Oregon State, so #4.
  5. USC, 7-5. Lots of tallent, but something went awry this season. Could have beaten any team in the league, but managed to lose four times.
  6. Washington, 7-5. The Huskies season can be summarized by saying: coulda, shoulda, woulda...didn't.
  7. ASU, 7-5. Ho-hum. Another so-so year for the Sun Devils.
  8. Arizona, 7-5. Same comment as for ASU. A lot of hype with the new coach and system coming in...same result as most years.
  9. Utah, 5-7. Utes were a non-factor in the league this year. Will they ever be?
  10. Cal, 3-9. Disapointment upon disapointment this season for the Golden Bears.
  11. WSU, 3-9. #11 with a bullet after beating UW in the Apple Cup. Still a long ways to go though.
  12. Colorado, 1-11. Sure, their one win was agains WSU, but...still only one win.
So there you go. I'd say that a more realistic matchup for the league title after all games are played is a re-match of Oregon vs. Stanford. What? You say that's lame becuase the two already played and Stanford won? Hogwash I say. Look at the actual title's a rematch of UCLA vs. Stanford  played only a week ago in which Stanford won.

Oh well.

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