Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Shocker! GOP Doesn't Like What It Heard from Obama

Oh, here's a surprise...Obama's state of the union speech does not impress the GOP.

Really? What a shock. What a bolt out of the blue.

Republicans in Congress have blocked, stymied and countered Obama at every single turn over the last four years. Whatever he was for, they were against. Whatever he was against, they were for. You could set your watch by it. They did that, primarily, as a political strategy to try and weaken him such that he would be defeated in 2012. Didn't happen.

Now, having just been beaten in national elections in November and seen by the majority of Americans as the problem rather than the solution, you would think that the GOP might pick an issue or two to try and work with the president and the Ds on to ramp the economy or address major national concerns. Not everying, just a couple issues. But no. They're doubling down on intractability and stubborness...and doing so in classic hard conservative terms, which is to say, blaming their opponents for the mess they've made and continue to perpetuate.

I'd like to say I expected a little bit of change after the recent elections, but I'd be lying. The way Republicans have reacted to Obama's speech, the priorities he laid out and ideas he shared is, sadly, very predictable.

Your government in (in)action folks.

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