Saturday, February 9, 2013

Soundgarden Live in Seattle

This just in: rock and roll is alive and well in the form of Soundgarden. How do I know? Well, I attended their show in Seattle Feb. 7 at the Paramount, and I can tell you from being there that this band is delivering the goods with a heavy, loud, intense, guitar driven presentation that puts virtually any other current band to shame. You want squealing guitars with articulate solos? Check. You want thudding bass laying in a heavy layer of low end? Check. You want power chords? Check. You want thundering drums? Check. You want a powerful, soulful voice? Check. Soundgarden has it all.

Soundgarden is the only "big" Seattle band from the grunge era that I had not ever seen live, so I was looking forward to this show. And I knew at some level I'd be hearing some great songs from the past...and did. But, this is not a band simply cashing in on past fame. Far from it. This is a vital and creative band showing today's listeners what rock and roll can and should still be by not only cranking out their "classic"back catalog, but playing songs from their brand new album - King Animal - that sound just as good as anything they've ever done.

You can read the Seattle Times review of the show that I saw HERE.

In the meantime, check out the pictures I took from the floor of the gig...

All pictures in this post taken by Marc Osborn. Use for any purpose is NOT permitted without prior written permission from Marc Osborn.

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